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SNAILWHITE Glow Jelly Mask & Scrub

Give your skin the care it deserves with SNAILWHITE Glow Jelly Mask & Scrub, powered by potent Pomegranate Extract, a rich antioxidant that re-energizes

and detoxifies skin and protects skin from premature aging. Hibiscus Flower

Extract and AHA gently exfoliate for visibly smoother skin and help improve

skin elasticity to reveal a healthy-looking glow. Zinc

PCA helps control

excess oil and promote collagen production, while

Niacinamide helps visibly

reduce the appearance of dark spots. Jojoba Oil and Snail Mucin lock in

moisture for smooth, plump and glowing skin.

Rejuvenate and recharge your skin with this 2-in-1 mask and scrub!

Glow Jelly Mask N Scrub

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