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With its 0% whitecast, non-heavy and non-sticky formulation, lightweight texture, instant tone-up effect, hydrating benefits, and intense whitening - IT'S A SUNSCREEN OF YOUR DREAM!


Who would've thought that this premium look and formulation could be so much AFFORDABLE! #PremiumBrighteningSunscreen is a protection, hydration, and whitening in ONE! It's even tested by DAISO Ultraviolet Transmittance Analyzer SPF Report and passed the SPF 70 rating!

Fairy Skin Sunscreen

SKU: FsSun
    • Prevents tanning
    • Avoids premature aging
    • Limits skin discolorations
    • Helps moisturize
    • Avoids sunburn
    • Protects from
    • Reduces signs of Aging
    • Prevents skin discoloration
    • Prevents brown spots
    • Keeps complexion even
    • Slows down development of wrinkles
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