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This lychee-flavored liquid glutathione can be consumed sublingually for faster and better absorption. There is no need to tolerate the pain of intravenous drips or injections to achieve that Goddess Glow! Just drink a vial of Eirian Glutathione every day for fairer, healthier, and luscious skin.




Eirian Glutathione Vials

SKU: ErGlu
$60.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
  • -Antioxidants and detoxifier

    -Lighten dark spots and acne spots

    -Heals dry damage skin

    -Better sleep

    -Tighten facial pores

    -Improves saggy skin

    -Reduces stress hormones

    -Rejuvenates skin cells

    -Good for muscle and mental health

    -Prevents early signs of aging

    -Remove toxins and heavy metals in your body